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What do I do in case of emergency?

Call 911.

Who is Joe Pill for?

Joe Pill® is a preventive care solution designed for underserved patients seeking quality healthcare where traditional quality healthcare options are not available.  Joe Pill®, along with our providers has developed a Joe Pill® Prescription Pack™ designed for those traveling or with limitations to access traditional healthcare.

How do I pay for my prescription at joepill.com?

We accept all major credit cards and offer prompt FREE delivery of prescriptions upon approval by a licensed provider.   The provider appointment is required via telephone for $40 and the prescriptions, if approved by the provider are also included.  The basic travel pack is currently priced at $157.  Optional add-ons to the base pack are available.

Where is Joe Pill available?

Currently, Joe Pill is dedicated to serve 2 states:  Florida and Texas.  Be patient- we will be expanding to other locations. 

Who are my health care providers with Joe Pill?

Visit our Meet Joe page for more details, but rest assured you are being treated by licensed Texas and Florida professionals.

Is my information safe?

Yes.   Joe Pill is HIPAA compliant, which means we’ve implemented strict security protocols and taken extraordinary measures to protect and secure your information.

Are telemedicine visits covered by insurance?

Telemedicine visits are provided by licensed practitioners who are not employees of Joe Pill and have the option of taking insurance for appointment payment.   The Joe Pill prescriptions are kept at the lowest possible price available and are not billed to insurance.   This allows us to keep the prescription packs affordable for everyone.  

Are telemedicine visits cheaper?

If you consider that the basic Joe Pill prescription pack contains 15 prescriptions, then YES.   Patients are paying for only one telemedicine visit and receiving preventive care to treat a multitude of issues.  The savings are enormous.   

Are telemedicine doctors good?

We are approached regularly by providers who want to work for Joe Pill.   We require that providers who offer Joe Pill packs are qualified and offer outstanding care to their patients.   We know that it is important to have quality telemedicine providers.    

What is concierge or direct primary care medicine?

Concierge or direct primary care medicine is an innovative alternative to traditional healthcare.   Fees can be for service or monthly and the patient is provided an alternative to the traditional fee-for-service reactive approach many use currently for healthcare services.    Qualified patients may be provided with a preventive care prescription pack.

Does anyone like waiting rooms?

No.  They are just not acceptable.   Patients who are sick are placed right next to other patients who are getting wellness checkups, diabetic checkups, blood pressure monitoring and what do we do?  We then make those sick patients use the same door handles, magazines, pens, and checkout signature pads as healthy patients.   At Joe Pill, we do not believe in waiting rooms.  This is not acceptable in our view and we have the technology in place now to change that!  Besides that, it is a fact that patients get sick outside of typical inpatient provider hours of operation.   We now have the technology to have treatment on hand and a telemedicine visit so that prompt recovery is possible.  

But what about "antibiotic resistance"?

Some providers do not prefer to offer preventive care for fear of “antibiotic resistance”.  Antibiotic resistance is a term used to describe the ability of bacteria to defeat the drugs designed to kill them.    Antibiotic resistance has been in place LONG before any preventive care pack was ever prescribed.

In our view, the traditional approach caused antibiotic resistance.  Placing sick people in the same waiting rooms as healthy people is the primary culprit.  Healthcare providers not being available 24/7 is another problem.  Let’s face it, people get sick when the doctor’s office is closed.   And what happens then?   Bacterial infections are spread to family and friends of sick patients until you finally have an appointment in place and go to the office for a visit.  That process is both slow and outdated.  Patients spend time waiting to get the appointment, waiting in the waiting room, waiting when taken to an examination room, and then waiting some more at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.   That entire time, the bacteria replicates in the body.  The slow speed of the traditional way to treat infections is not only outdated, but allowing bacteria time to replicate and be spread to family, friends, and healthcare providers from the sick patients.

In addition, many medications included with a Joe Pill Prescription Pack are already being used for preventive healthcare:

Amoxicillin:  already regularly used for pre-op and dental procedures.

Ciprofloxacin:  our own U.S. military has purchased ciprofloxacin and has it on hand in case of an anthrax outbreak.  If it’s important enough for the military to have on hand, why would we deny our population that they are defending?  In addition, ciprofloxacin is also included for people who get traveler’s diarrhea.   Many patients who travel regularly or go on mission trips to underserved areas need these medications in advance of their travel/hard work.

Azithromycin:  It is estimated that 2 million azithromycin packs are sold daily.  Having an azithromycin pack on hand cannot be declared the reason for antibiotic resistance.  In fact, prompt treatment will prevent multiple people from spreading their infection to family, friends or healthcare providers.

Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole:  If you have ever had a UTI, you can understand why this is a great resource to have on hand… especially for women.  UTI’s almost never happen when it is a convenient time to run up to the doctor’s office and urinate in a cup!  Upon onset of a UTI, treatment needs to be prompt and convenient for that patient.  Waiting 2 days to get into a doctor office visit is just outdated.

Mupirocin ointment:  this is already used as a preventive care option for patients having surgery.   Antibiotic eyedrops and eardrops as well!

It is past time to start treating patients promptly and having the medication on hand is not promoting antibiotic resistance.   In fact, it is just the opposite, we are promptly and aggressively treating bacteria before it can be spread to others in close contact.  At this point, we need to be asking why providers bring sick patients in close contact with healthy patients in a waiting room.    And why we aren’t treating infections promptly, so that bacteria do not have time to replicate and spread?


Is my order shipped discreetly?

We ship all orders in discreet packaging….  and the best part?  FREE shipping!

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