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Joe Pill Prescription Pack™

15 life-saving prescription medications included

• U.S. Licensed Providers

• U.S. Licensed Pharmacy

• LegitScript Certified

• 15 Prescriptions Included 

• Optional Add-Ons Available

• Complete Telemedicine Visit

• Modern Preventive Healthcare

• Ultralight Packaging

• Compact & Convenient

• Free Shipping

Preventive care on demand.  Affordable pricing.  No membership.

15 Prescriptions Included & Priced Lower Than Most Copays

Only $7.60 Each

Total Savings: $1528

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Telemedicine Appointment Plus
Joe Pill Prescription Pack™

Experience preventive healthcare in 3 easy steps

Step 1:  Telemedicine Visit

Fill out a simple one page online form then have a brief telemedicine visit from your phone with one of our providers.  No more waiting rooms full of sick patients. 

Step 2:  Preparation Of Your Pack

Your customized 15 prescriptions with optional add-ons are carefully prepared in ultralight packaging designed for your safety & convenience.

Step 3:  Delivery Of Your Pack

At Joe Pill®, we value your time and health.  We provide your preventive care Joe Pill® Prescription Pack™ to you with FREE shipping and satisfaction guaranteed.

Preventive healthcare includes 15 prescriptions

“It was refreshing to get the pack and not have to touch door handles, magazines, pens, or signature pads at the doctor’s office or pharmacy”


“I love the packaging.  It is so convenient and lightweight, unlike those regular bulky prescription bottles.  I can travel with the pack so easily


Medication Uses, Side Effects, Dosage And More:

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Preventive healthcare optional add-ons


“I took a mission trip to the Himalayas and the albuterol inhaler in my pack was lifesaving!  I am so thankful that I was prepared with my Joe Pill pack.”


“I love having my cold sore medication and my UTI medication on hand.  I can start treatment at the onset of symptoms and my recovery time is so much faster.”


Medication Uses, Side Effects, Dosage And More:

Click Here To Visit Our Patient Information Center

We ❤︎ our preventive healthcare patients

“I got my Joe Pill pack because I just don’t want to sit in a waiting room full of sick patients before my vacation”


“I was able to use my HSA card to buy my pack.  This is by far the best purchase I have made with my HSA card”


“The way we have  handled things in the past is completely outdated.  This is modernized healthcare!”


Your preventive healthcare providers

Nice to meet you…  discreetly

Before you meet us, we want you to know that we designed our patented Joe Pill Prescription Packs™ just for you!  We are committed to overcoming the limitations of traditional treatment options by offering modern preventive healthcare.  Our preventive healthcare goal is for our patients to improve their health by:
  • expanding access to quality healthcare
  • advancing preventive care with telemedicine
  • limiting exposure to other sick patients
  • dispensing quality medication from FDA approved manufacturers
  • respecting your space with a better packaging solution
  • reducing your healthcare costs
  • providing healthcare flexibility and convenience
  • caring about your time and privacy
  • empowering patients with modern treatment alternatives
  • equipping frontline healthcare providers and workers with preventive care 

“Preventive care saves a trip to urgent care.”

– Joseph DeBons, PharmD
“Joe Pill”

Join the growing list of patients who have chosen preventive healthcare

“For years, I have traveled to Mexico to get these same medications.  Now I can get them safely here!”


We are expanding to serve health care providers who want to offer preventive healthcare at their practice site.  We regularly equip healthcare providers, their frontline staff, and qualified patients with preventive care.  If you know a provider or practice that is interested in offering Joe Pill Prescription Packs™ to their staff or qualified patients, please contact us by email:


Experience the power of  preventive healthcare

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Our healthcare commitment is to make sure our patients experience affordable preventive healthcare.

Free shipping

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