Prescription Travel Pack™

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The best way to travel.  15 prescription medications in clear ultralight packaging designed for safety & convenience.  


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Kiss Cold Sores Goodbye

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Tackle painful cold sore outbreaks with 12 antiviral prescription tablets plus prescription lip balm.


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Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Fast.  Easy.  Discreet.

At Joe Pill®, we believe that our patients deserve more than an insurance restricted monthly quantity.  


$79 + FREE shipping!

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WHAT’s in the prescription travel Pack™?

Pack includes 15 prescriptions to prepare you for travel 

The Prescription Travel Pack™ is designed for underserved patients traveling to foreign countries or preparing for vacations where traditional quality healthcare options are not available.   Joe Pill®, along with our providers, has developed a Prescription Travel Pack™ as a solution to those traveling or with limited access to traditional healthcare.  The Prescription Travel Pack™ includes 15 prescription medications and is placed in ultralight packaging designed for convenience and mobility.   To learn more about what is included in the pack, click here:  LEARN MORE>>



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Before you meet us, we want you to know that we designed Joe Pill® just for YOU!  We treat conditions many consider to be challenging (Prescription Travel Pack™, Cold Sores, and Erectile Dysfunction) and overcome the stigma patients have from traditional treatment options.  


  • to improve access of your healthcare
  • to reduce your healthcare costs
  • to provide flexibility and convenience
  • to respect your privacy
  • to respect your time 

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