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Manage erectile dysfunction

30 generic sildenafil (Viagra)
100mg tablets or 10 generic tadalafil (Cialis) tablets

A fast, easy and discreet appointment with a Texas provider. And at just $69, it’s less expensive than others…a Texas sized value!

$69 + FREE shipping!

Appointment PLUS Prescription

Kiss cold sores goodbye

12 generic valacyclovir (Valtrex) 1000 mg tablets + our custom compounded acyclovir Rx lip balm

Tackle painful cold-sore outbreaks with Rx tablets plus a tube of our custom compounded acyclovir prescription lip-balm.

$69 + FREE shipping!

Appointment PLUS Prescription

Treat genital herpes outbreaks

5 generic valacyclovir (Valtrex)
1000mg tablets

Treat your outbreak discreetly with a Texas provider! A fast and convenient online appointment designed for patients to avoid the stigma of a traditional doctor visit!

$69 + FREE shipping!

Appointment PLUS Prescription

Meet Joe

Nice to meet you– discreetly!

Before you meet us, we want you to know that we designed Joe Pill just for YOU!  We treat conditions many consider to be embarrassing (Erectile Dysfunction, Cold Sores, Genital Herpes Treatment) and overcome the stigma patients have from traditional treatment options.  


  • to improve access of your healthcare
  • to reduce your healthcare costs
  • to provide flexibility and convenience
  • to respect your privacy
  • to respect your time 


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Unbeatable pricing

Our healthcare commitment is to deliver Texas sized value to our stigma suffering patients.

Free shipping

That’s right, a great price and we’ll pay for shipping.  We also ship in discreet packaging for your privacy.   

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Easy credit card payment.  Embarrassed with a traditional appointment?  Problem solved!

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