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At Heart & Soul Integrative Medicine, we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge, personal approach and time spent with our patients.  We listen and we care.   We fully understand that some of our patients need preventive care options.  

Our practice is now offering preventive care prescription packs for our patients.   The preventive care packs include 15 prescription medications that treat the most common conditions seen in the urgent care setting.  The packs are priced affordably at only $149 and additional add-on options are available.  We offer the prescriptions to our valued patients for a variety of reasons such as:

  • patients that travel regularly
  • our valued patients who are underserved
  • patients who respond better to prompt treatment
  • patients who feel a need to be prepared
  • patients who cannot leave work/home easily
  • to keep our waiting room germ-free for others
  • if sickness occurs outside of our hours of operation

Please complete the form below if you are in need of a preventive care pack.   We will review your submission and make your healthcare our first priority with a preventive care solution!

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