Telemedicine is just better!  The ease and convenience of a simple telemedicine visit has truly changed how the public seeks quality health care.    Some of the benefits of using a telemedicine solution like Joe Pill® include:

  • Preserving scarce supplies of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and other high demand medical devices and equipment
  • No more waiting rooms full of sick patients
  • No more handling of filthy credit cards, cash, checks or machines/signature pads by sick patients, medical and pharmacy staff
  • Reduces demand on clinics treating patients seeking treatment for more severe conditions not offered on the Joe Pill® platform
  • Telemedicine promotes cleaner social distancing (way better than an arbitrary 6 foot rule!)
  • Helps patients who have transportation issues
  • Helps patients who cannot leave work or are located in or traveling to underserved areas
  • Embarrassing conditions can be treated discreetly
  • Digital eco-friendly paper free medication patient information (GO GREEN!) CLICK ON MEDICATION BELOW! 

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