Why Do Cold Sores Happen Around The Holidays?

Ahh, the holidays are here and the mere thought of holiday traditions bring smiles to most people’s faces. The feelings of sweet anticipation and nostalgia of the past. We love the smell of the Christmas tree, cinnamon and candles. We love the taste of those special meals, giving the perfect gifts, and we remember the words to all those familiar songs. Holiday rituals are bursting to the senses!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, except for that stress part. Maybe we spent too much on gifts. Maybe family members or friends said or did something tacky. Maybe there is too much pressure to be jolly. And that stress part can cause cold sore eruptions! But why?

1. Cold weather. Exposure to cold temperatures as well as drastic temperature shifts, like moving from the cold outdoors into a warm house can be traumatic enough to trigger a cold sore outbreak.

2. Lack of sleep. There is lots of planning and work around the holiday season. Don’t forget to make sleep a priority, as fatigue may trigger the formation of a cold sore.

3. Food allergies. There seems to be an endless supply of savory treats around the holiday. Many foods are not what you would normally eat. If your body doesn’t respond well to certain foods, it is best to avoid them or they may invite an ugly cold sore guest to the festivities.

4. Maintain healthy habits. A weakened immune system can lead to a cold sore outbreak and also cause cold sores to be healed at a slower pace. Sticking to a healthy workout routing and a quality nutrition diet will help decrease the chances of developing a cold sore.

5. Stress. We saved the best for last! Cold sores are triggered by stress. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious during the holidays (who doesn’t?), do something to relax and clear your head. A brisk walk, some time alone, or a nice hot tea break can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Holiday cheer should be contagious, not cold sores

We also want you to not worry about cold sores. That’s why we include 12 tablets of valacyclovir (enough to treat 3 cold sore outbreaks) and our custom compounded prescription antiviral lip balm. We give you the tools to handle potential outbreaks quickly and efficiently (at a great price!) … and the Joe Pill family truly wants our patients to have happy holidays!

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