The cactus is a unique plant that somehow thrives in very hot and dry environments.   As we all know, plants need water to survive.  So how does a cactus thrive in a super dry environment?  The cactus has some very interesting strategies to stay alive with scarce supplies of water.
     Cacti can be tall and long with big spines.    Some are short and squatty with fine hair.   They may look a bit different but cacti know how to survive and thrive.  If you take a look at the leaves of a regular plant, you would find “stomata” which serve as little gates to let air and water in and out as needed.  However, cacti don’t have true leaves, the stomata are located on the stem of the plant.
     In plants with leaves, the stomata opens during the day to take in precious carbon dioxide so the plant can breathe.  Plants use this carbon dioxide plus sunlight and water to make their food in order to survive… a process called photosynthesis.  When the stomata are open during the day, the plant releases oxygen for us to breathe (thank you plants!).
However, the cactus is a bit different.   Its stomata gates open at night!  They can still open at night and grab precious carbon dioxide without having their water supply zapped.  They then store the carbon dioxide so that food can be made the next day.
     The spines of the cactus are capable of capturing dew in a dry environment and transferring that water to the root system quickly.  Spines also warn other desert critters to stay away and not to eat the cactus.  Cacti are also capable of storing a LOT of water.  Some cacti, like the saguaro, can weigh over 4000 pounds from a tremendous ability to store water.  Needless to say, a cactus does not need perfect conditions in a greenhouse to survive.
     So, what’s the connection to Joe Pill®?  It is symbolic of how we strive to help patients that are underserved or stigma suffering:
1.)  Prescription Travel Pack™ helps those traveling to places where quality medical care may be minimal or absent.
2.)  Cold sore solution:  Our cold sore solution is a way to have cold sore treatment available quickly for our patients, right when that pesky herpes virus wants to invade.  The cold sore solution is a quick and easy shield for the lips.
3.)  ED solution:  And our ED pack.   If a cactus can store 4000 pounds of precious water, then why can’t an ED patient have 30 tablets of sildenafil?  Insurance may think that 4 tablets a month is enough for all patients, but why not have an adequate supply for when and where you need the medication as a patient.
Joe Pill® was set up to treat stigma suffering patients so they can handle situations that just aren’t routine for other patients.   Sometimes patients are traveling in severely medical underserved areas.  Sometimes you need medication quickly to deter a virus from invading and replication.   And sometimes you need a quantity sufficient to avoid regular embarrassing trips to the pharmacy.  We take difficult medical situations seriously and learn how to help our patients thrive.

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