We respect that you are seeking discretion

We get asked a lot of questions about being discreet. We want to ensure all of our patients that we make sure to keep your medical information private. We understand the prescriptions that we dispense and your privacy is very important. This is what makes Joe Pill so much easier- avoiding those monthly trips to the pharmacy and those uncomfortable inpatient doctor visits.
Below is a message we received from one of our amazing website visitors at Joe Pill:

“Hi. OK, I will place my order. Is it discreet? I heard it says ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ on the customs declaration packaging. Is that true?”

NO, it’s not true! From the outside, your parcel looks totally discreet. It’s a simple black/purple package that does not even have the word “Joe Pill” on the label. We shorten it to “JP” just to keep things hush hush. We understand that disguised packaging will help customers order the prescriptions with ease and without hesitation.

At Joe Pill, we understand this is just for YOU. One common scenario that can arise is when people live in some kind of shared house scenario. You should ensure that you purchase medication from a website that delivers with discreet packaging when looking for prescriptions because it is nobody’s business what you decide to buy with your money!

There are plenty of companies to choose to receive prescription medications, but isn’t it comfortable to know that your prescription from Joe Pill offers discreet packaging and is delivered to you promptly from a licensed pharmacy in Texas?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including our commitment to your privacy!

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