It looks like a pimple, but what if it’s not?

What can that possibly be? No problem! Joe Pill wants you to know the difference (and it’s not that easy to tell). Genital herpes and genital pimples have a lot of similar characteristics:

  • small pus-filled bumps
  • red in color
  • both may itch
  • both contain pus

So, what’s unique about each? Let’s start with herpes specific symptoms:

  • herpes can lie dormant for years after exposure
  • an outbreak usually presents as a patch of small red bumps or white bumps the blisters are softer than most regular pimples
  • the pus-filled blisters will eventually burst, leaving an ulcer like sore on the skin
  • the blisters can be painful when they burst and take weeks to subside
  • the first outbreak of genital herpes is often the most severe
  • genital herpes can also present with these additional symptoms: fever, achiness, headaches, pain in legs, swollen lymph nodes and vaginal discharge

What about pimple-specific symptoms?

  • genital pimples are typically firm to the touch
  • they can appear single or in a small cluster
  • they often develop where tight clothing touches the skin (where sweat, oils and dirt can build up)
  • then develop within skin pores and will rise above the skin if they accumulate enough pus
  • they can leak thick pus or blood if squeezed or scratched
  • usually not painful unless pressure is applied
  • they can itch and clear up quickly in most cases

Causes of genital pimples:

  • clogged skin pores
  • ingrown hair
  • folliculitis

Causes of genital herpes:

  • HSV-2 is the most common type of sexually transmitted infection

Risk factors for genital pimples:

  • sweat
  • tight clothing
  • shaving pubic hair
  • weather hot and humid

Risk factors for genital herpes:

  • sexual contact with anyone who has the virus
  • sexually active people with multiple partners (It’s even possible to spread even when using a condom and there is no flareup)

Treatment for genital pimples:

  • applying acne medication cream or ointment
  • antibacterial soap
  • antibacterial ointments or essential oils

Treatment for genital herpes:

  • medical intervention usually required
  • antiviral medication (Joe Pill offers 1000mg valacyclovir daily for 5 days)
  • avoid sexual contact until outbreak subsides

Genital pimples prevention:

  • wash daily and after any activity that causes sweat
  • wear loose fitting clothing
  • regular bathing/showering
  • avoid shaving pubic hair or treat area for acne after shaving

Genital herpes:

  • always use a condom
  • avoid sex with someone who has herpes
  • avoid sex during partner’s flareup

Hopefully this helps you to determine if that flareup is genital pimples or genital herpes. Joe Pill is able to treat genital herpes upon completion of an easy online appointment with 5 tablets of 1000mg valacyclovir to be taken once daily for 5 days. The best part? PRIVACY! (and the price is affordable too!)

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