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Who is Joe Pill for?

Joe Pill is a virtual medical appointment and pharmacy solution for adult men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction and prefer to receive private treatment from the comfort of their home.

What kind of erectile dysfunction (ED) medicines are prescribed with a successful Joe Pill virtual visit?

Oral PDE-5 inhibitors are considered first line treatment to treat ED. On our current platform, we offer generic Viagra (sildenafil 50mg and sildenafil 100mg doses). Our generic medication manufacturer must meet the highest quality standards allowed to qualify as our provider of generic sildenafil. We look to add more ED solutions on our platform soon, like generic Cialis (tadalafil)!

How does a virtual appointment work on joepill.com?

Joe Pill uses telehealth technology to provide a discreet, convenient, and affordable way for you to receive erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment from a Texas physician and a Texas pharmacist. The simple five-step process determines if you are a candidate for ED treatment and if you qualify, your prescription is sent discreetly to your address.

Where is Joe Pill available?

Currently, Joe Pill is dedicated to serve the great state of Texas. We love helping our Texas patients with their ED needs!

Who are my doctor and my pharmacist?

Howdy, pardner! Texas-licensed Jelani D. Ingram, MD, and Texas PharmD Joseph DeBons are delighted to be your telehealth providers. Visit our The Team page for more details, but rest assured you are being treated by licensed Texas professionals.

Is my information safe?

Yes. The telehealth platform at Joe Pill is HIPAA compliant, which means we’ve implemented strict security protocols and taken extraordinary measures to protect and secure your information.

Why do I need to provide my blood pressure during the appointment?

Your blood pressure is an important part of determining whether it is medically safe for you to take ED medication. It can be dangerous to take ED medication if your blood pressure is either too high or too low. We require an accurate and normal blood pressure reading (Systolic 120-140/ Diastolic 80-90) that has been taken within the past 90 days.

Is the ED medicine safe on the Joe Pill platform?

Oral ED medication is generally considered extremely effective and studies show that it works on the majority of men. However, everyone reacts to prescription medicine differently. Viagra has gone through extensive analysis and FDA approved prescribing information states that 82% of patients reported an improvement in their erections. Our generic medication manufacturer must meet the highest quality standards allowed to qualify as our provider of generic sildenafil.

What do I do in case of emergency?

Call 911.

Is my order shipped discreetly?

We ship all orders in discreet packaging via UPS, with all medication placed in childproof packaging.

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