Let’s face it — everything is bigger in Texas! But it can be difficult to explain this to our out of state friends. We at Joe Pill thought that it might be good to give some interesting facts to help explain (in addition to the big hats, open skies, huge ranches, big boots, money and buildings):
  • You haven’t seen a gas station until you see a 200-pump Buc-ee’s.
  • So you say you’re hungry? Try eating a 72-oz. steak at the Big Texan Restaurant in Amarillo. It’s free if you can pull it off!
  • Ever bang a drum? How about the University of Texas’ Big Bertha. It’s a whopping 8 feet tall!
  • How about a big stadium? Try Texas A&M’s Kyle Field which can seat 103,000 loud fans.
  • Still hungry? How about a 62-inch diameter pizza? Big Lou’s pizza in San Antonio has got you covered all the way around. Open wide!
  • Biggest boots? You will get a kick out of the 35-foot-tall boots at San Antonio’s North Star Mall.
  • Looking for a Texas-sized bar? Try Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth. 100,000 square feet and 20 acres of parking lot. How about that for a Texas honky tonk!
  • Ranch. Not the salad dressing. A big ranch, like the King Ranch. It is a huge 825,000 acres and is a Texas big deal!
  • Joe Pill patients are a big deal too. Great prices and big-time service. We are happy to fix ED in Texas and will work hard to make everything bigger in Texas!

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