Deciding to take sildenafil for erectile dysfunction (ED) is an important step in achieving a better relationship. But at Joe Pill, we desire to make sure you optimize your experience. How about some tips to help you with your new journey?

Just the tips

    1. Take your time: A minimum time of 30 minutes to an hour is needed for sildenafil to work effectively. This time can vary from patient to patient. Some patients actually need four hours to achieve peak performance. Give your sildenafil the proper time to be absorbed into YOUR body and then truly take effect.
    2. Should you take with food? It is not necessary to take your sildenafil with food. A nice glass of water is all that is recommended. But let’s face it, sometimes you are eating at a nice restaurant when the time comes to take your sildenafil. Be careful with a meal that is high in fat, because it slows the body’s absorption of sildenafil and can take longer to take effect.
    3. Sexual stimulation required! Simply taking sildenafil and expecting an erection is not adequate. You still need to be stimulated and have sexual desire!
    4. Find out the right dose for you: The recommended starting dose for sildenafil to treat ED is 50mg. For some, a larger dose of up to 100mg may be required. Going beyond 100mg is not recommended.
    5. Get your sildenafil from a reputable source, such as Joe Pill: ED medicine is out there and up to 82% can be counterfeit. Make a good choice with your supplier of sildenafil.
    6. Lifestyle factors can impact ED: Stop smoking, lose weight if overweight, and reduce alcohol intake. These can all help you perform better if you have ED.
    7. Store sildenafil at room temperature and away from children: Storage of this medicine is important. It’s why Joe Pill ships it in the manufacturer’s bottle, sealed and safe for your protection. We store it properly and do not ever touch your tablets.

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